“..an independent and emotional piece of  music, whose heart is brought very close to us.” –  GUTESHOERENISTWICHTIG (2019)

Band Members:
Channy Leaneagh – lead vocal, piano, violin, guitar
Alexei Moon Casselle – lead vocal, guitar
JG Everest – Bass, guitar, backup vocals, horn and choir director
Ben Durrant – guitar
Ryan Lovan – drums, percussion
Jessi Prusha – backup vocals
horn section:
Matty Harris
Spencer Roth


Roma di Luna began as a busking duo of then husband-and-wife Alexei Moon Casselle (Kill The Vultures) and Channy Leaneagh (Polica) in 2005.  Performing at outdoor farmers markets and coffee shops, they eventually asked multi-instrumentalist JG Everest (Lateduster, Neotropic, Sans Le Systeme) to join in 2006, first on guitar, and then on bass. After a few performances as a trio and with drummer Steven Yasgar (Communist Daughter), Everest invited friend and producer / collaborator Ben Durrant (Andrew Bird) to a performance at The Kitty Kat Club in Dinkytown, Mpls, and introduced him to Channy and Alexei, suggesting they record a demo at Ben’s Crazy Beast studio in Northeast Minneapolis. The result was the ep Face Of My Friends, self-released in 2006, which included backing band performances by Durrant, Everest, and Yasgar.

In 2007, drummer Ryan Lovan (Haley Bonar, Lifestyle of Wigs, Romantica) replaced Yasgar, and Jessi Prousha joined as backup vocalist, and the lineup has remained the same ever since.

In 2008, Roma di Luna self-released their first full-length record, “Find Your Way Home”. In 2009 they self-released “Casting The Bones” and in 2010 released “Then The Morning Came”. In 2011, Channy and Alexei split up and the band went on hiatus, forming side projects The Grave Trio, (Lovan, Durrant, Everest), Norway Twin (Prusha, Everest, Lovan) and WAREY (Leaneagh, Everest, Lovan, Durrant). The Grave Trio began working with Duluth-based singer-songwriter Toby Thomas Churchill and performed as his rhythm section from 2012-2016, with Durrant co-producing both of Thomas’ records.

In 2017, with an opportunity to play a fundraising benefit concert for Water Protectors at Standing Rock, Roma di Luna reunited and continued to perform and rehearse new material, resulting in 2018’s self-released “We Were Made To Forgive”.